Directions & Parking Regulations

SHYC Address

Sachem’s Head Yacht Club
Chimney Corner Cir, Guilford, CT 06437

Directions to SHYC (Overview or Google Map)


The Sachems Head Association is making every effort to assure that its roadways are safe, that safety concerns for property and people are covered, and that parking locations, which are understandably limited, are made available to as great an extent as reasonably possible. SHA facility usage regulations are also noted below. The Association has worked closely with the Town of Guilford in establishing and/or modifying regulations pertinent to the above and are covered herewith.


Speed Limits: 15 MPH within the Association Area

Parking: Parking is available on Chimney Corner Circle with restrictions as noted below.

  • Additional parking, including overnight, is available on a restricted basis on Colonial Rd. (below and west of Falcon Rd.), Prospect Ave. and Uncas Pt. Rd.
  • Club members may park properly identified vehicles in the beach parking lot while they are playing tennis or using the beach relative to Club-sponsored swimming lessons.
  • Association parking areas (at the Tennis Court, Landing, and Uncas Pt. facilities) may be used for special functions, but permission must be obtained from the SHA Executive Board in advance.
  • No vehicles shall be parked so as to encroach on any sidewalk or so as to obstruct the free and safe entry into and/or exit from any driveway.
  • No person shall operate any vehicle within the Association district in a manner annoying or offensive to the public.

No Parking Areas: Generally delineated by yellow lines (zones) throughout the area.

Speed Bumps or Comparable: Currently under review

Enforcement: Violators will be subject to ticketing and where noted, towing at the owner’s expense.

This area is of particular concern out of respect for property owners rights and need to provide adequate entry and egress for fire equipment as specified by the Guilford Fire Department.

No Parking: Delineated by yellow cross- hatched zones or a single yellow line along the edge of the pavement around the Circle. No portion (side, front or rear bodies) of the vehicle must encroach on the yellow areas or over the white width lines noted below.

Parking Areas: Where needed, white lines will indicate width areas (6.5’) within which the body of the vehicle must be parked. Because of the narrow roadway, this is to assure that as much of the road width as possible is available for traffic, especially fire trucks.

Yacht Club Loading Zone: Marked opposite the entry walk to the Club. For short term parking only and vehicles must not be unattended at any time. If necessary, the Club will be expected to provide a person to attend the vehicle while performing services. This particularly applies to pump-outs, and unloading of vehicles for special Club functions.

Parking Limits: No overnight parking will be allowed on the Circle.

Improper Parking: SHYC reserves the right to impose a $50 charge to a member’s account for improperly parking in an effort to keep the relationship with SHA and Chimney Corner Circle in good standing.

Tow Zones: In coordination with the Town of Guilford, No Parking and Loading areas are designated as Tow Zones and violators will be subject to towing at their expense.